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Our Dingo Pallet Forks are designed to quickly and easily move palletized materials.

  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Reinforced welded frame
Attachment Plate (inches) .25  A-36 Steel
Carriage Bars (inches) 0.375  A-36 Steel
Forks (inches) 42  (2200 lbs. - Class 1)
Sides (inches) .25  A-36 Steel


Model:  Dingo Forks and Frame (Class 1)

Product Number 1W180000
Weight (lbs.) 300
Overall Width (inches) 30.56
Height (inches) 30.43
Overall Length (inches) 53.62


Model:  Dingo Frame Only (Class 1)

Product Number  1W181000
Weight  (lbs.) 148
Overall Width (inches) 30.56
Height (inches) 27.43
Overall Length (inches) 10.12



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